Made for More is all about the greater purpose within each one of us, but also the greater purpose every piece of our belongings and the materials that make up our lives have. Over the years I have helped friends and family reimagine their spaces, made different pieces of art, and have overtime refined my style, along with what I love making and creating most.

With this space my hope is to create pieces for you that bring hope to the
mundane moments of life, whether with biblical truths, inspiring quotes, simple paintings, or modern prints. My pieces can brighten any room and help you to see not only the more in the everyday materials of our lives, but the more within yourself.

A portion of Made For More’s profits will be given to ICCM Life Center to spread love and positivity among the community in a tangible way. ICCM is a beacon of hope for the Minneapolis, MN community; whether they are spreading the love of Jesus, providing a meal, or supplying clothing & basic necessities, they show people each day what it means to be made for more.

Thank you for supporting not only Made For More, but the Minneapolis community with your purchase!

with love,